1. Orange (5 1) 24/23 13/8
  White (6 6) 24/18(2) 13/7(2)
2. Orange (5 2) 13/8 6/4

Pip: 143
Pip: 154

  White Double
3. Orange Pass

Cube action equityAlert: Wrong pass
3-Ply Money equity: 0.381
  0.6%  15.8%  64.2%    35.8%   6.5%   0.2%
Double decision Good enough: Huge  
  Too good to double: 5%  
Take decision Current Cube Doubled Cube Borderline
Equities 0.402 0.430 0.460
Proper cube action:   Double, take

No board, therefore -take. But it is very close too. If I had a point of my own, it would be more comfortable. It is a money take, but at this match score I was sure it would be a thin take if it was takeable at all. In a money game I would have my own gammons plus the cube. Here he kills my gammons and my cube.
Needs some more than Snowie evaluation to make me sure it is a take here.
The only vig for taking would be my regard for Kit.

kitwoolsey wins 1 point.

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