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WBF Tournament Rules

Таблите на Свило
Таблите на Свило

Jumbo backgammon boards

King Size Backgammon Boards

Where to Play Backgammon

Backgammon Tournaments and Other Formal Action



Backgammon in art

Svilo Dice Cups

Digital 4 in one SSCCD (Score,cube,clock,dice)

Backgammon Bookstore in Association with

WBF Tournament Rules

Таблите на Свило
Таблите на Свило

Jumbo backgammon boards

King Size Backgammon Boards

Where to Play Backgammon

Backgammon Tournaments and Other Formal Action



Backgammon in art

Svilo Dice Cups

Digital 4 in one SSCCD (Score,cube,clock,dice)

Backgammon Bookstore in Association with

I won the Stars Invitational - LV 2000. Left: Runner Up Lise Howard, Back right: Tami Jones - Director.

Recorded or annotated matches

7 memorable matches for the title "National Internet Champion of the USA for 2011

Haim Cohen - Paul Magriel 2004

Maia Peicheva - Maria Krancheva 2003

Michael Meyburg vs Svilo - World Cup Qualifier -  11 point Quarter Final

Kit Woolsey vs. Svilo -  9 point First round of FIBS Autumn Open

Aachim Mueller vs Svilo - 9 point Jackpot Semifinal

fawn vs Svilo 5pt. match on TMG 2003

Vlado Gueorgiev vs Simeon Alexandrov    (Only this game notes are in Bulgarian)  First of the Final Three One- pointers of Digital Dice Sofia Open

Tournament rules (full text in Bulgarian)

Here are some pictures...

Evtim Ivanchev (left) plays Kliment Marinov. Vassil Bogdanov is watching.

Evtim Ivanchev just returned from Las Vegas with a prize from the doubles tournament.

Our host, Mr. Vulchev the Deputy Manager of Orbilux discotheque

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What is an SSCCD?

This is the new digital Svilo score, cube, clock and dice utility.

It fits Svilo boards at the checker storage (separation) area. You can take it away and use it separately without the Svilo board too. Size 20x4x3 cm.

Dice rolls are random. Take my word but no liability.

After 10 minutes of inactivity LCD is dimmed (sleep mode); cube, clock and score data are stored and can be used later.

Batteries last for years in sleep mode.

Ideal for important matches and for tournament directors too. Another application is travel - you can use any small (i.e. magnetic) board and have the four functions of the SSCCD in car, air plane etc.

The On-line User's Manual is here

Inquire now

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Paul Magriel (X-22) tries Svilo Board 

 He bought it. 

Folding Backgammon boards designed and made by Bulgaria's best player Svilen Todorov. Designed for luxury, heavy duty and ease of play. Your fingers won't get tired after long hours of play.
Dice-cups design and workmanship are amongst world's best - size is large for an inside roll, pout lips make dice roll. If you once play with those cups you will remember the throbbing sound of dice inside - strong enough to be heard in the other room, still lacking the stone or metal effect of some dice-cups.

Standard set specifications:

Size 55x65 cm. open. Inlaid playing surface felt standard. Custom orders (minimum 20 sets) for playing surface cork, artificial suede, wool or real suede.

40 mm. red & white or black & white checkers.

90 mm. tall, lipped dice-cups - imitation leather with felt lining standard; optional real leather

1/2 inch plain red and white dice, beveled are standard. Optional precision dice.

Coating - artificial leather is standard. Option - natural leather.

Colors: coating - black, red, beige, brown, gray in different shades; playing surface - beige, gray, green, black.

Delivery time: usually next day after receipt of payment.

to ask for your nearest dealer.

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Svilo Dice Cups - Best Value for Money

Svilo Dice Cups


My 90 mm. lipped dice cups are well known in USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia. You may already know them from Bill Robertie, Istanbul, BIBA backgammon tournaments, WBF backgammon tournaments. Since 1998 all Svilo dice cups come stitched. Ribbed and bottom bumper versions may also be ordered subject to availability.

I require prepayment, but it may be made to one of my distributors in the above countries.


1. OVAL - the CLASSIC - 90 mm. tall -

2. FRUSTUM OF A CONE - casino type

bottom diameter 6.5 cm, upper (hole) diameter 5.5 cm, height 9 cm. WITH A BUMPER AT BOTTOM to make dice roll. These will not fit in most boards because of diameter. Perfect for casinos, clubs, backgammon tournaments.

3. CYLINDER - lady cup

lipped, diameter 55 cm, height 9 cm. These will fit in many boards, light weight.

The Standard type is NATURAL LEATHER coating and wool felt lining. Black, Brown, Gray, Beige and Red Bordeaux colors available at present.

Luxury type may have some extras as ribs, bumper bottom etc.

Comments from my customers are that this is the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY.

to ask for your nearest dealer.

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Where to play backgammon

Backgammon is a national game, though the cube is not widely known. You can play cubeless matches and money games in many places and you can see, weather permitting, backgammon played in the open air - in the garden beside the National Theater, in cafes, in the flea market - practically anywhere..


In Sofia

Sunday: Casino Radisson 14.00 7pt elimination tourney 25E fee 100% in casino chips. 16-32 players. NLM.

daily: Bckgammon club "Golden Anchor"

The database of players and clubs benefits both local communities and travelling players and makes it easier to organize tournaments. To be added in our database, you need to send your details. Please, fill the form.
Submit your player data

Backgammon tournaments

The Golden Anchor Backgammon Club is open all week days except Saturday and Sunday from 15:00 till 22.00.
Blitz 3pt. tournaments are held from 17.00 h.


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Backgammon Bookstore

  Paul Magriel’s Backgammon

  Backgammon for Serious Players, Bill Robertie

  Advanced Backgammon, Positional play (Volume 1), Bill Robertie

  Advanced Backgammon, (Volume 2), Bill Robertie

  Winning Strategies, Robin Clay

  BG for Serious Players, Bill Robertie

  BG for Winners, Bill Robertie

  Backgammon, by Suzanne Goldberg and Robert Hamilton

  Backgammon (Teach Yourself Books)

  The Backgammon Handbook by Enno Heyken, Martin B.Fischer

  Win at Backgammon by Millard Fillmore Hopper

  Amazing Book of Backgammon by John Tremaine

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  New Ideas in Backgammon by Kit Woolsey, Hal Heinrich

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  Scarne's Complete Guide on Gambling

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