Annotated Backgammon Matches

Annotated Matches

I won the Stars Invitational - LV 2000. Left: Runner Up Lise Howard, Back right: Tami Jones - Director.
Annotated Backgammon Matches Annotated Backgammon Matches in Bulgarian. Try View-Encoding, if correct fonts installed

Licking the wounds
7 memorable matches for the title "National Internet Champion of the USA" 2011

Ploughing adds value

In praise of Bulgarian Anchor

One needs vision on the shoulder of a giant

BARE-OFF in backgammon as off-guard in boxing

Bob Koca wins Cannes 2008 agains Gus Hansen, commentary John Clark

Once in a lifetime a shepherd kills a rabbit with a stick:)
Phil Simborg played me (the machine) just before he flew to MC. I think he was in form too. 7 pt.Falafel vs. Stick 23.03.2011

7 pt. Matt Coch Geier vs. Svilo 23.03.2011

7 pt. Haim Cohen - Paul Magriel 2004

9 pt. Maia Peicheva - Maria Krancheva 2003 Match No. 1

11 pt. Michael Meyburg - Svilo 1998

9 pt. Svilo - Aachim Mueller 1998

9 pt.Svilo - Kit Woolsey 1998

Maia Peicheva - Maria Krancheva Match No. 2

Maria Krancheva - Maia Peicheva Match No. 3

Svilo - Maria Krancheva 2003 Match No. 1

Svilo - Maria Krancheva 2003 Match No. 2

Svilo - Maria Krancheva 2003 Match No. 3

Svilo - Maria Krancheva 2003 Match No. 4

Boardmaker(me) vs. fawn on TMG

"It's only words,

and words are all I have

to take your heart away..."

Bots may see things a million time, but we humans are short legged. We can only run faster using our mind. Or using products of our mind - be they spacecraft of computers.

Words are what we use to classify notions and evaluate ideas.

I started to annotate matches again...

Can old men teach what old men can't do?

That remains to be seen.

"Licking the wounds" is a way to "see again" or to make sense of things that have not been conceived in the heat of battle. This is the way humanity hammered it's wings - licking it's wounds.

Maria Kruncheva is a young Bulgarian backgammon player, who shocked the world with her precise and merciless play. She wins trophies each tournament she takes part in. She lost the final to my good old time friend Slava Priadkin only by time at the World Cup challenge in Bucharest 2003.

Here is one annotated match of hers and the rest in line are in a Snowie analysed form, I have also included some of my older matches annotated with the help of the first version of Snowie.

I thought it would be interesting to see some of the legends in Backgammon. So I intend to publish matches I have watched or submitted by my friends.

A fresh one is DA - X22 played on GamesGrid.